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Build Your Own College House Divided Flag!
Build your Own House Divided Flag below by selecting your Left and Right Logo from our selection over 300 Colleges and Universities! These House Divided Flags measure 3'x5', are constructed of single-ply polyester, have quadruple-stitched fly ends, two metal grommets, and are dye sublimated with the Logos you select. These custom flags are single-ply, therefore, the logos are viewable on both sides with the opposite side having a reverse image. "Build your Own" house divided flags are $39.95 each, custom made, and require 3-6 weeks before shipment.

Please Note: Multiple-Item orders which include "Build your Own" Flags will be ship complete when production is completed.

"Build your Own" House Divided Flags are Custom Made, ship Standard Shipping, and require 3-6 weeks to ship

The Colleges Listed under "Choose the Left/Right Logo" pulldown tables are the Only Schools Currently Available in our Build your Own Program.
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