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Tailgate 23 Foot Flagpole

Tailgate 23 Foot Flagpole
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Item ID#: SS-Tailgating Pole
We've listened to customer recommendations and survey suggestions to build our featured and exclusive 23' Tailgate 23 Foot Flagpole!

This 23 Foot Tailgating Flagpole is constructed of aluminum and includes six (6) telescoping sections which are adjustable from 60 inches up to 23 feet and any height in-between. Tangle-Free Spinning Flag Clips are included to fly up to four (4) flags of varying sizes including 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, and 5x8 foot flags of any combination. Flag Grommet clips are also included for easy changing of flags during your tailgate event. Finally, a large plastic Silver Ball Top and 18" foam Safety Pad (optional use) are included.

Pole Setup is easy by attaching your flag grommets to the grommet clips. Loosen (turn clockwise) each section and extend the pole. Then lock (turn counterclockwise) each section. Extend each section of the pole to your desired height (maximum 23 feet) while sliding the spinning clips to your flag layout on the pole (1-4 flags). Leave a little room between the top and bottom flag clips so they spin freely and the flag(s) will fly tangle-free in the wind. After your event is over, unlock the extended sections (turn clockwise) to reduce the telescoping pole to 60 inches. This provides for easy storage and transportation to your next event.

This item includes the above only (no tire wheel stand and no carrying case). If you would like additional accessories, see our Tailgate 23 Foot Flagpole Packages below which include one or both of these accessories.

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