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UMD Bulldogs Garden Flag

UMD Bulldogs Garden Flag
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Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Flag ITEMS
Item ID#: SW-GardenSW-MDB
The UMD Bulldogs Garden Flag is a great way to display your team spirit in your garden, front entranceway, mailbox, porch, or windows. The college garden flag hangs vertically, measures 13x18 inches, and provides a top sleeve for insertion of your garden flagpole or stand. Our UMD Bulldogs Garden Flag is made of 2-ply 100% polyester and is screen printed with the UMD Bulldogs logos and lettering as shown.

Since our UMD Bulldogs Garden Flag is 2-ply constructed, the college insignias are viewable and readable correctly on both sides.

Hang this UMD Bulldogs Garden Flag with our Garden Flag Stand, Mailbox Flagpole or Window Hanger.
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